Friday, March 11, 2011

Where We Are

Alright, first blog. Never done this before, but I'll assume it's like a journal. That people actually read. Maybe I'll post a question at the end or something to find out what you guys think.
Frankly, my life is kinda boring, I don't go out and kill people for a living, I don't make shittons of money, I don't do anything special. But I like to weave stories. I take boring and make it phenomenal. I am a bi-winner with tiger blood for breakfast, the DNA of Adonis and smoke 7 gram rocks like a boss. I'm not quite as spectacular as Charlie Sheen, but dammit I'm trying.
So, as a first blog, I dunno how this turned out, I dunno how long I should make it, I just know that someone will read this (maybe) at somepoint. So enjoy the fruits of my five minute labor.

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