Thursday, March 17, 2011

New User

Allright people, I'm appreciative of the follower adds, unfortunately when I go to the Main page and click on my followers none of you pop up. At this moment I have 14 of you guys, but I have no idea how to view and add you back. if any of you will give me a lil user friendliness and teach me the ways of blogging, I'd be much obliged. Also, This monetize thing is pretty awesome, though people have told me that Google will get pissy if the percentage raises above like, 15%. anybody have any stories of having their blog deleted because of that? I've had it up to 75% so far, and nothing happened then. Are these myths that are used to scare us? Thoughts, Ideas,? GO!


  1. i think they review you if your high when they pay you (ive heard over 7% is bad, up to 15% as a minimum but usually having it lower than 10% is what people say)
    as for the followers, go to your blog, and click on one of your followers images (try mine :P ) that is under the followers tab. a window will pop up, the links under "Links" are usually peoples blogs. from there you can comment, or follow other peoples blogs.

    enjoy your new knowledge :)

  2. Hey :)

    I think as long as everything is legitimate it's very unlikey that they would penalise you unfairly... then again it is google =/

  3. Ok, So as long as I'm not whoring out for clicks then it's cool? At least hopefully. Though making money for blogging is pretty friggin awesome.
    Also, turns out that neither comments nor looking at followers works on my firefox, but it does on chrome.

  4. think ill download google chrome tomorrow and get some addons to make it more efficient, its late here now, though if anyone fancies guiding me through what ill need to do to contribute my fair share then add me on msn at:

    I'm online most of the time

  5. Don't use the follow link at the top. Use the one at the side with the "Google Friend Connect". for some reason the top one doesn't work.

  6. top one works for me!