Friday, March 18, 2011

Time to talk about something that everyone seems to shift to extremes about. Mary Jane. So people typically either say that it should be outright banned or fully legalized (and some of the sneaky ones tend to argue it through the medium of medicinal type, clever clever). But what do we really know about it? i think in this blog I'll lay out a few factoids and little known things just for your benifit, enjoy!
#1 The Zulu Warriors used Weed to aid them in their fight against the British. They actually BRED out the chemicals that cause the sedative effects, leaving only the psychoactivity that the THC gives.
   Side note: the Zulu were badass and if you ever talk shit about them, you know NOTHING.
#2 Baking Cannabis means to extract THC, not to put the plant itself into your food.
I'm not giving you a link, it's way too easy to find. I might do a follow-up. 
 -LEGAITY THING: I know nothing of law (Well, i know enough not to screw myself) so I suppose I should probably throw something in here about how the consumption of Cannabis components is a reserved right for those possessing a legal Medicinal Marijuana license.
#3 All you people out there claiming smoking it is perfectly healthy, do a bit of research. While it is FAR more healthy than tobacco, actually having some good effects on the brain, it still creates a tar buildup (unless you vaporize).  
   Side Note:While it has nearly no negative aspects when vaporized, the primary is that it increases the risk of schizophrenia in those who are predispositioned to be likely to have it. It's rare, but it happens.
#4 Marijuana is not physically addictive EVER. Though with constant use they can become psychologically addictive, at least for a short while while going through 'withdrawals.'
#5 According to the DEA scheduling system, Cannabis is a higher scheduled drug than COCAINE. 
 Side Note: Most people don't know what the scheduling system is. It is the listing of the drugs that the DEA regulates and what tier of punishment they will get. Schedule 1 is the worst with the highest level of punishments while Schedule 5 is the lowest tier with the lowest punishments. Cannabis is Schedule 1. Alongside Methamphetamines and Opiates. 

So, Know anything special about Cannabis? A little known factoid or anything you find interesting, just leave it in a post! Try to leave a link, hopefully from a reputable site, rather than just a forum page. Thanks!


  1. I don't smoke, but I agree that it should be treated just like alcohol in the eyes of the law.

  2. I'm gonna agree with that. Though I also think the drinking age should be lowered anyways. While the particular post is about lil factoids rather tahn the legality itself, I'll have to say taht I think that pretty much, once you are and adult, you have the right. And Since Cannabis is not only less destructive than tobacco, but also alcohol, it should probably be legalized at least at the same age as the others.

  3. Studies have also shown that cannabis is less addictive than caffeine... Only reason it is illegal is because of the man who boycotted hemp because it was running the timber industries out of business. Good blog!

  4. I dont smoke, but IMO, they should legalyze it or ban alcohol and tobacco, theres no reason why MJ should not get the same treatment than those 2.