Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Attn: Gay People

Alright, so there are tons of gay people out and about nowadays. That's cool. But the problem is, that gays don't understand why people can't accept them for who they are. Well, I'm creating a self help guide for fixing this little problem, incorporated right here in my blog. I think I'll make it into an update every now and then

#1 Coming Out
So you've figured yourself out, you know you're gay, and you are ready for everyone else to know it too! That's fine and dandy, but you gotta do it right. You can type in 'how to come out' into google and see what pops up, and you can find TONS of stories, I'm sure. But everybody had their own experience. There are two main groups that you will be coming out to; your parents and your friends. You can split these and come out to them at different times (which may prove difficult), or you can take em both out the same day.

Obviously, each person's audience is going to be different, some will be receptive to your lifestyle, others...not so much. This is what makes things difficult.

So, the first step for you is to gauge what kind of reaction people will have. Your family and friends typically will adjust over time, but its good to break it to them gently (A little hint, if you are the flaming type, then expect them to kinda guess already, so it won't be that shocking to them, just saying). If they are your friends and family, you probably will know how they feel about other gays in general.

I guess there's a good dependence on what kind of group you hang out with, such as in the goth/emo/scene crowds, it isn't exactly taboo or anything to screw around with the same sex, whereas with the highly religious community it would probably be looked down upon. Keep this in mind, audience reception depends on the audience.

Ok, so now you know if your audience is receptive to homosexuality or not. If they are, no problem, right? Alternatively, maybe they aren't exactly comfortable with gays (Keep in mind, this isn't one of those bullshit, you need new friends thing. It isn't easy for people to deal with change, and sometimes finding out a friend is gay is kinda shocking. Hopefully they will come around, and thats what this guide will play on.) If they aren't comfortable with gays (friends are typically easier to win over faster than parents)

O NOES! You have friends or family that don't approve! What do you do now? Well, as intent as you are on spreading your rainbows, you may have to give it some time yet. So So these people don't really want a gay friend...Well, you have to make sure they will still accept it. This is going to be the Transitional Period.

I guess I've been rambling, but hey, I want this to be informative dammit! These gays need help with their social awkwardness, and thats what I'm going to give them.

Alright, so your friends don't want a gay as their friend. Well, you're gonna have to fix this. It's pretty simplistic. Pick your best friend. Someone who would be able to handle it and whom you would be able to trust, and come out to them in private. This sets the ground work for coming out to other people. If everything  goes well, you have a good experience to build on! You now have the option of slowly coming out to people one at a time in secret, or you can just flat out start telling everyone. It tends to shock people at first, but they should get used to it.

You will always have people who are really uncomfortable about it, but honestly, just don't hit on them and they will come around. Typically it is the stereotypical image of gays that people are bothered by. So if you're a flamer, you're up shit creek. If people couldn't tell before, just keep acting masculine, and people will get used to the idea of the new you.

It's all pretty straight forward, but sometimes, people daunted by the idea of coming out aren't exactly thinking straight. Ha, pun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

 I've found I have a lot of trouble sticking to a theme in my blog. I've written about pet peeves, internet stars, politics. But really though, I don' have anything to focus on. It's kinda difficult for me to find something that I want to write about exclusively, so today I give you INTERNET LINKS!

On another note, a tidbit of advice.
So you wanna have sex, but just dating, or casual sex aren't appealing to you. What is the answer to that?
Prostitution is the world's oldest profession, and is still available on a street corner near you! The problem is, the police have since decided that sex with strangers for 'bribes' of drugs or money is bad. Well, there's a fantastic solution to avoiding all those legal problems.
First, keep in mind that cops WILL put their people on the street, in hookerdress, to catch you coming on to them. If you try to initiate sex, you're screwed.
The cop-in-disguise CANNOT initiate that they wanna screw around (explicitly, they can implicate all they wan't, but they can't really lie to you). But the second you say, "Sup bitch. How much for a beej?" They have you in their clutches! Luckily there is a wonderful loophole that we, the consumer, can exploit! You see, in U.S.A., while prostitution is illegal,  pornography is fully legalized (with the exclusion of underage kids, you sick bastard). So to bypass the entire legal problem of prostitution, ask them if they will film a porno. A cop will always say no, while a hooker typically won't care.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shitty Servitude

I feel like everyone should live as a waiter or waitress at a restaurant here in America at some point (anyone foreign is exempt from this rant). Seriously, these people are paid about 2$ and hour to live on. And some people will tip nice. They will help these people out immensely! And you know what? A lot of the people who tip nicely were, at some point, in the same industry of work. Unfortunately, many people do not think about how hard it is to pull a profit from working at such a low wage, and they will tip the absolute minimum, if at all. Possibly the worst thing I have seen is when a man was complaining to his waiter that his 100-something$ meal had a few bits of meat that weren't quite cooked right. Not only did he complain that the waiter screwed up his order (which he had not, I knew the guy and he never gets orders wrong) but he held him personally responsible for the small mishap.
#1 Sometimes meat is undercooked. It happens, respectfully ask that they take it back and pop it in for another few minutes, it isn't that big of a deal.
#2 Instead of talking like you are from the 1800's South, speak clearly enough that your mumble turns into an actual order.
#3 Your waiter only serves to take your order, then bring you your food. In no way does that translate to Cook Your Food.
The man tipped a penny (the ultimate insult) at the end of his meal and left. His table had 6 people. (8 is the number at which most restaurants include the gratuity in the actual meal ticket). The man needed a bit of humility in his life. He needed to work in a service as a waiter.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Time to talk about something that everyone seems to shift to extremes about. Mary Jane. So people typically either say that it should be outright banned or fully legalized (and some of the sneaky ones tend to argue it through the medium of medicinal type, clever clever). But what do we really know about it? i think in this blog I'll lay out a few factoids and little known things just for your benifit, enjoy!
#1 The Zulu Warriors used Weed to aid them in their fight against the British. They actually BRED out the chemicals that cause the sedative effects, leaving only the psychoactivity that the THC gives.
   Side note: the Zulu were badass and if you ever talk shit about them, you know NOTHING.
#2 Baking Cannabis means to extract THC, not to put the plant itself into your food.
I'm not giving you a link, it's way too easy to find. I might do a follow-up. 
 -LEGAITY THING: I know nothing of law (Well, i know enough not to screw myself) so I suppose I should probably throw something in here about how the consumption of Cannabis components is a reserved right for those possessing a legal Medicinal Marijuana license.
#3 All you people out there claiming smoking it is perfectly healthy, do a bit of research. While it is FAR more healthy than tobacco, actually having some good effects on the brain, it still creates a tar buildup (unless you vaporize).  
   Side Note:While it has nearly no negative aspects when vaporized, the primary is that it increases the risk of schizophrenia in those who are predispositioned to be likely to have it. It's rare, but it happens.
#4 Marijuana is not physically addictive EVER. Though with constant use they can become psychologically addictive, at least for a short while while going through 'withdrawals.'
#5 According to the DEA scheduling system, Cannabis is a higher scheduled drug than COCAINE. 
 Side Note: Most people don't know what the scheduling system is. It is the listing of the drugs that the DEA regulates and what tier of punishment they will get. Schedule 1 is the worst with the highest level of punishments while Schedule 5 is the lowest tier with the lowest punishments. Cannabis is Schedule 1. Alongside Methamphetamines and Opiates.

So, Know anything special about Cannabis? A little known factoid or anything you find interesting, just leave it in a post! Try to leave a link, hopefully from a reputable site, rather than just a forum page. Thanks!


Charlie Sheen. The internet is absolutely BUZZING about him. He's all over the news (behind Japan, but still pretty high up), and he's even gotten an auto-tune song made, putting him as high, If not HIGHER, than Antoine Dodson. He drinks Tiger Blood, Smokes 7 gram rocks and is an Adonis. I mean, seriously, this man is absolutely the definition of the word EPIC. He has just gone with it, the insane Charlie Sheen image that we all see. And he's PROFITING. I mean, sure he got booted from his show, and MAYBE he will end up with a new show (not likely). But the hype that he has been making will end up making him millions from some random marketed shit, probably Tiger Blood Energy Drink. This man is a bitchin' rock star from Mars, and he is tired of putting up with everyone's shit. Thats just how awesome he is. I for one am highly impressed with how he's gotten his name out there. Sure it hasn't been the best representation of character that he could have gone for, but dammit, it works! He's living with TWO hot women (and we KNOW he's having bitchin' threesomes every night). In the end he will probably lose money, but hell, this is gonna keep his name in our minds for a long time. This is the equivalent of MJ getting his skin bleached, just because. Everyone will say it is crazy or asinine. But its a stunt that will get a shitton more publicity than continuing on with his show.
So what do you think, is Charlie legitimately insane now? Or is it one elaborate ruse for publicity?
Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New User

Allright people, I'm appreciative of the follower adds, unfortunately when I go to the Main page and click on my followers none of you pop up. At this moment I have 14 of you guys, but I have no idea how to view and add you back. if any of you will give me a lil user friendliness and teach me the ways of blogging, I'd be much obliged. Also, This monetize thing is pretty awesome, though people have told me that Google will get pissy if the percentage raises above like, 15%. anybody have any stories of having their blog deleted because of that? I've had it up to 75% so far, and nothing happened then. Are these myths that are used to scare us? Thoughts, Ideas,? GO!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ok, So so far I've advertised, given words of wisdom and bitched via blog, so I think it may be time for me to do something productive (psuedo-productive). So about this whole Japan thing. There have been tons of videos and comments that I've seen and heard so far claiming that those amoral bastards got what they had coming to em from God himself. Listen, I know about half of them are trolls, but that still leaves the other half to being ignorant asswipes. These people are not dying because of their religion (and I can assure you that at least someone in that city of 10,000 was a Christian), they are dying from the oceanic destruction ravaging their country. America is attempting to help some, but this is one of the largest disasters in a while, and we should have our hands deep into this one rather than spending untold billions on oil wars. Helping other countries was our excuse then, right? Why doesn't the same line still hold true?