Friday, March 18, 2011


Charlie Sheen. The internet is absolutely BUZZING about him. He's all over the news (behind Japan, but still pretty high up), and he's even gotten an auto-tune song made, putting him as high, If not HIGHER, than Antoine Dodson. He drinks Tiger Blood, Smokes 7 gram rocks and is an Adonis. I mean, seriously, this man is absolutely the definition of the word EPIC. He has just gone with it, the insane Charlie Sheen image that we all see. And he's PROFITING. I mean, sure he got booted from his show, and MAYBE he will end up with a new show (not likely). But the hype that he has been making will end up making him millions from some random marketed shit, probably Tiger Blood Energy Drink. This man is a bitchin' rock star from Mars, and he is tired of putting up with everyone's shit. Thats just how awesome he is. I for one am highly impressed with how he's gotten his name out there. Sure it hasn't been the best representation of character that he could have gone for, but dammit, it works! He's living with TWO hot women (and we KNOW he's having bitchin' threesomes every night). In the end he will probably lose money, but hell, this is gonna keep his name in our minds for a long time. This is the equivalent of MJ getting his skin bleached, just because. Everyone will say it is crazy or asinine. But its a stunt that will get a shitton more publicity than continuing on with his show.
So what do you think, is Charlie legitimately insane now? Or is it one elaborate ruse for publicity?
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  1. I think he's a good showman. Maybe a little insane. He actually reminds me of Jesco White, the Dancing Outlaw--except not a hillbilly.

  2. And because of that, I'm going to have to look up Jesco.

  3. In one of his videos, he says that he is the best showman out there, that everyone should be watching him, etc, that means the he has a bigger ego than his bank account, but behind all that Im sure there is some publicity involved, but not intentionally, at least not at the beggining.

  4. I think I'm gonna side with PeNDRaGoN the most here. A brilliant ploy, but probably not one that he thought out from the beginning.