Monday, March 21, 2011

Shitty Servitude

I feel like everyone should live as a waiter or waitress at a restaurant here in America at some point (anyone foreign is exempt from this rant). Seriously, these people are paid about 2$ and hour to live on. And some people will tip nice. They will help these people out immensely! And you know what? A lot of the people who tip nicely were, at some point, in the same industry of work. Unfortunately, many people do not think about how hard it is to pull a profit from working at such a low wage, and they will tip the absolute minimum, if at all. Possibly the worst thing I have seen is when a man was complaining to his waiter that his 100-something$ meal had a few bits of meat that weren't quite cooked right. Not only did he complain that the waiter screwed up his order (which he had not, I knew the guy and he never gets orders wrong) but he held him personally responsible for the small mishap.
#1 Sometimes meat is undercooked. It happens, respectfully ask that they take it back and pop it in for another few minutes, it isn't that big of a deal.
#2 Instead of talking like you are from the 1800's South, speak clearly enough that your mumble turns into an actual order.
#3 Your waiter only serves to take your order, then bring you your food. In no way does that translate to Cook Your Food.
The man tipped a penny (the ultimate insult) at the end of his meal and left. His table had 6 people. (8 is the number at which most restaurants include the gratuity in the actual meal ticket). The man needed a bit of humility in his life. He needed to work in a service as a waiter.

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  1. A penny? that's like a punch in the nuts.