Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Attn: Gay People

Alright, so there are tons of gay people out and about nowadays. That's cool. But the problem is, that gays don't understand why people can't accept them for who they are. Well, I'm creating a self help guide for fixing this little problem, incorporated right here in my blog. I think I'll make it into an update every now and then

#1 Coming Out
So you've figured yourself out, you know you're gay, and you are ready for everyone else to know it too! That's fine and dandy, but you gotta do it right. You can type in 'how to come out' into google and see what pops up, and you can find TONS of stories, I'm sure. But everybody had their own experience. There are two main groups that you will be coming out to; your parents and your friends. You can split these and come out to them at different times (which may prove difficult), or you can take em both out the same day.

Obviously, each person's audience is going to be different, some will be receptive to your lifestyle, others...not so much. This is what makes things difficult.

So, the first step for you is to gauge what kind of reaction people will have. Your family and friends typically will adjust over time, but its good to break it to them gently (A little hint, if you are the flaming type, then expect them to kinda guess already, so it won't be that shocking to them, just saying). If they are your friends and family, you probably will know how they feel about other gays in general.

I guess there's a good dependence on what kind of group you hang out with, such as in the goth/emo/scene crowds, it isn't exactly taboo or anything to screw around with the same sex, whereas with the highly religious community it would probably be looked down upon. Keep this in mind, audience reception depends on the audience.

Ok, so now you know if your audience is receptive to homosexuality or not. If they are, no problem, right? Alternatively, maybe they aren't exactly comfortable with gays (Keep in mind, this isn't one of those bullshit, you need new friends thing. It isn't easy for people to deal with change, and sometimes finding out a friend is gay is kinda shocking. Hopefully they will come around, and thats what this guide will play on.) If they aren't comfortable with gays (friends are typically easier to win over faster than parents)

O NOES! You have friends or family that don't approve! What do you do now? Well, as intent as you are on spreading your rainbows, you may have to give it some time yet. So So these people don't really want a gay friend...Well, you have to make sure they will still accept it. This is going to be the Transitional Period.

I guess I've been rambling, but hey, I want this to be informative dammit! These gays need help with their social awkwardness, and thats what I'm going to give them.

Alright, so your friends don't want a gay as their friend. Well, you're gonna have to fix this. It's pretty simplistic. Pick your best friend. Someone who would be able to handle it and whom you would be able to trust, and come out to them in private. This sets the ground work for coming out to other people. If everything  goes well, you have a good experience to build on! You now have the option of slowly coming out to people one at a time in secret, or you can just flat out start telling everyone. It tends to shock people at first, but they should get used to it.

You will always have people who are really uncomfortable about it, but honestly, just don't hit on them and they will come around. Typically it is the stereotypical image of gays that people are bothered by. So if you're a flamer, you're up shit creek. If people couldn't tell before, just keep acting masculine, and people will get used to the idea of the new you.

It's all pretty straight forward, but sometimes, people daunted by the idea of coming out aren't exactly thinking straight. Ha, pun.