Tuesday, March 22, 2011

 I've found I have a lot of trouble sticking to a theme in my blog. I've written about pet peeves, internet stars, politics. But really though, I don' have anything to focus on. It's kinda difficult for me to find something that I want to write about exclusively, so today I give you INTERNET LINKS!

On another note, a tidbit of advice.
So you wanna have sex, but just dating, or casual sex aren't appealing to you. What is the answer to that?
Prostitution is the world's oldest profession, and is still available on a street corner near you! The problem is, the police have since decided that sex with strangers for 'bribes' of drugs or money is bad. Well, there's a fantastic solution to avoiding all those legal problems.
First, keep in mind that cops WILL put their people on the street, in hookerdress, to catch you coming on to them. If you try to initiate sex, you're screwed.
The cop-in-disguise CANNOT initiate that they wanna screw around (explicitly, they can implicate all they wan't, but they can't really lie to you). But the second you say, "Sup bitch. How much for a beej?" They have you in their clutches! Luckily there is a wonderful loophole that we, the consumer, can exploit! You see, in U.S.A., while prostitution is illegal,  pornography is fully legalized (with the exclusion of underage kids, you sick bastard). So to bypass the entire legal problem of prostitution, ask them if they will film a porno. A cop will always say no, while a hooker typically won't care.

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  1. This has always tripped me up...how on earth is prostitution illegal..when it is exactly what porn stars do..only under the guise of free expression, or whatever..so If I bring a camera along.. I get no penalty cuz I'm expression myself..lol Laws need to be uniform..good post man..